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Simple, Memorable, Symbols Persuade
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When making decisions, people weigh only a handful of factors at once and what comes to mind first is often viewed as most credible and is therefore most influential.  The key facts that support your case theme must be memorable.  Given that our brains are wired to remember visual information much more readily than auditory, meaningful visualizations are the key to memory. 

Simple Graphics Highlight Your Key Points

Graphics are not just for clarifying concepts, they also emphasize the key factors that support your story, your verdict.  Along with theme and story development, graphics should be designed and tested with focus groups about two months before trial.

Symbols, Images and Codes Persuade

Symbols, images and codes are processed more deeply than words alone.  The subtle use of symbols can  bring up strong emotions and powerfully affect people.  Cultural myths and codes also trigger emotions and guide our decision-making.  Clotaire Rapaille is a marketing guru who applies Jungian and Gestalt psychology to explain how presenting your message "on code" or "off code" determines your success.   (See The Culture Code.)

Exceed Your Jurors’ Expectations

Jurors expect to be entertained and educated during trial with graphics.  Don’t disappoint them.  Keep them interested with visual metaphors that symbolize your point.  Even simple drawings or key words written on a flip chart will keep your jurors interested. 

Seamless Trial Support

A major drawback of larger trial consulting firms that have graphics departments (and data analysis, psychological profiling, legal, etc.) is that their designers are not intimately familiar with your case, so some ideas are lost in translation between all the specialists. 

JuriSense offers seamless trial support, where all the different “departments” communicate perfectly.  Tammy is a modern day Renaissance woman, capably handling all these matters.  And since cross-discipline training leads to innovation, she is probably more creative in each task than the specialists.


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