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Expert Testimony
Science Made Simple
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Question: who is most believable, a $700/hour, internationally recognized professional witness or a $300/hour, local university professor? 

Answer: it could be either one.  You must test your witnesses' credibility, clarity and ability to connect with people.  The professional witness may be perceived as a hired gun, who sold his opinion to the highest bidder.  Jurors are also not as impressed with credentials as is commonly thought, especially amongst younger jurors, who fact-check what they read on the internet. 

Clear Communication

JuriSense helps your experts effectively communicate with laypersons, present the testimony in the most persuasive order and remain calm and credible under aggressive cross-examination. 

Tammy taught science courses at the university and community college levels, so she understands how to teach adults so they retain facts and organize knowledge. 

Arlene Blum, a bestselling author and UC Berkeley biophysical chemist who testified before two California Assembly committees regarding AB 706, a bill to ban toxic fire retardants from furniture and bedding, said:

"Your edit is amazingly helpful. I have to tell you that several renowned scientists and also some skilled lawyers in this field had already reviewed and commented on my testimony before you worked on it. Each improved it slightly, but your reorganization of the material made it orders of magnitude better. Thank you. Thank you."

Discover Your Opponents' Weaknesses

The most important thing Tammy learned as a research scientist, studying with the world’s foremost geophysicists, is that virtually every scientific study has errors, which are evident in the methods section of published papers.  This is not to say that all studies are defective, but they can always be improved. 


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